Click Here to see how the Energy Business Forum’s outstanding line-up of Speakers & Panel Topics was presented at the 67th CEEA Conference: FINAL PROGRAM!

All of the Toque & Mail’s Newsletters documenting the 2017 Conference are available here now right up to the closing issue dated August 26, 2017:
Newsletter 3
Newsletter 4
Newsletter 5
Newsletter 6
Newsletter 7

The photograph at bottom of this page shows Chairs of the 67th Conference, Deanna & Ken Berg, who did a masterful job of leading the CEEA’s Board of Governors in 2017. With all events now complete, the torch has been passed to Andrea & David Hood, Chairs of the CEEA thru the 68th Conference in 2018.

YES Team is an initiative within the CEEA, which seeks to promote Partnerships within the Energy Industry in Canada. We seek to build a stronger nation through the careful and sustainable stewardship of our nation’s resources in collaboration with Aboriginal Peoples. On August 23, 2017 the YES Team published THIS NEWS RELEASE to coincide with the Energy Business Forum’s focus on First Nations issues at the 2017 Energy Business Forum. If you would like more information on the YES Team and how to get involved, please send a note via our Contact Page on this website.

For detailed descriptions of the Special Events offered at the 67th Conference please click here: Special Events

More information on the full 2017 line-up of events was included in the first 2 editions of the CEEA’s Newsletter which for this year’s events has been branded “The Toque & Mail” that you will find by clicking here: 67th-ToqueMail_Newsletter2 (includes profile of activities & special events in August)
67th-ToqueMail-Newsletter1 (introduction to the 67th theme)