CEEA’s three key focuses are:

  1. Business networks and relationship building:

    Our organization is steeped in history and has built a successful track record of creating life-long personal and business relationships. From the countless business deals to support for personal initiatives within our communities, the networking and relationship building that has been a part of the organization is a key reason to attend CEEA’s events.

    CEEA represents the entire oil and gas industry supply chain and executives realize they need to be at our events to learn about issues that affect everyone and to be a part of the solution for change. Through our business conferences we are one of the only organizations that effectively bridges the relationships between industry, indigenous groups and government.

  2. Advocacy of the Canadian Energy Industry:

    The organization plays an important role in Advocacy for the Energy Industry. We are proud of our industry and what we have accomplished, and our commitment is to work together to provide a better future for our children.

    Our organization’s ability to successfully advocate for our industry largely depends on the wide network of business leaders and partners who attend our events. Collectively, we support one another as we battle mis-information and regulations that impact our progress and ability to thrive.

  3. Supporting Children’s Charities:

    Finally, of great importance to us is CEEA’s strong focus on giving back to the community through our generous fundraising for children’s charities. Currently, we have a partnership with the Shaw Charity Classic where, in our first two years, we have raised over $225,000 for Children’s Charites. In 2019 we hope to significantly add to this total through the very generous support of those in our organization, and to the businesses within our network whom are also always at the forefront of giving back to the community.

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Our commitment is to advance Canada’s energy industry as a global leader.


Working collaboratively and responsibly with all stakeholders to deliver essential, safe, reliable energy products and services.


  1. Relationships – we foster connections for personal, professional and corporate growth.
  2. Pride – we are proud of our history and want to promote our world class standards, continuous innovation and environmental stewardship./em>
  3. Networking – we are the premier business association for energy executives of all ages and backgrounds./em>
  4. Inclusion – we focus on collaboration across all energy value chains./em>
  5. Fun – we provide unique events and experiences for executives and partners to create lasting friendships./em>
  6. Change – we recognize the need for continuous renewal by attracting emerging generations of innovative leaders in a diverse and changing energy landscape./em>
  7. Giving – we give back to the community through a large number of charitable organizations that we support./em>