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CEEA is a premier organization geared towards executives working in or supporting the Oil & Gas Industry.  We have several events throughout the year, including our marquee events: the Governors’ Charity Ball in Calgary on April 13th, and our Business Conference (and the Oilmen’s Golf Tournament) August 21-24, situated in the majestic Rocky Mountains at the historic Banff Springs Hotel. Although a few of our events are open to a broad range of attendees our marquee events are by invitation only.   If you are an executive or business leader working in, or supporting, the Oil & Gas Industry and would like to be part of the organization, please contact us at info@energyexecs.ca.

Message from the Chairs of the 69th

We are honored to be the Chairs of the 69th Canadian Energy Executive Association (CEEA) and Oilmen’s Golf Tournament. With the help of a talented Board of Governors comprised of 31 leaders across all aspects of the industry, we are pleased to continue to bring you much value in 2019.Through the invitation-only executive conference and other networking events, CEEA has drawn together the most influential leaders across the energy spectrum to share expertise and drive industry solutions in our fast-paced business.

CEEA (Formerly the Oilmen’s) has three key focuses: 1) Business networks and relationship building (for industry leaders and partners), 2) Advocacy for the Canadian Energy Industry (which continues to face endless challenges but remains resilient), and 3) Supporting children’s charities, currently through our partnership with the Shaw Charity Classic.

Every year a new logo is chosen to represent the theme for the annual CEEA events. This year’s theme is Peace Love Energy, which is tailored to the three key focuses above.

We are excited to share more about our theme and events with you through our video:

CEEA 69th Video Download

You should attend our events if you want to build relationships with key leaders in the Energy Industry, want to be part of solutions to help our industry thrive during these uncertain and difficult times, and if you want to support Children’s charities. More info on each of these events can be found at View All Events

We are delighted to be the Chairs of the 69th and we are sure to create events that you will not want to miss! Thank you for your continued support of our organization and we look forward to meeting you.

Scott Lovett & Laura Hambley Lovett

Upcoming Events:

There are no upcoming events at this time.

News and Announcements

Newsletter – Issue 3:

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  • EBF Conference Articles
  • Charity Update – Community Involvement
  • Business Strategy
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Newsletter – Issue 2:

  • Governors’ Charity Ball Overview
  • EBF Conference History & Agenda
  • Lessons from Preston Manning
  • Pipelines in Limbo
  • New Media Battleground
  • Business Strategy
  • Community Involvement
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The Mission Continues

The Mission Continues This year’s CEEA 69 theme launched during the Spring Governors’ Charitable Ball with a big ROAR!

The program took on a theatrical flavour, transforming the ballroom into NASA Mission Control to launch CEEA 69 as a beleaguered mission to get to tidewater. Wrapping current energy industry challenges within creative messaging, the program served up a movie mash-up of Apollo 13, Hidden Figures and news coverage by Anchorman, led by MC Steve Major as a Gene Kranz-like Flight Director.

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Newsletter – Issue 1:

  • Beyond Boomers – Event Recap
  • Mid-Year Update, Energy Business Forum (EBF)
  • Banff 2019 Conference
  • Business Strategy
  • Community Involvement
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